Women's FRONT CARRY Concealment Shorts by UnderTech UnderCover

$ 69.99

Please Note: This product is currently in Pre-Order Status. Expected ship date for Front Carry Shorts at this time is early to mid-December. We appreciate your patience and excitement for our newest product!

Our Concealed Carry undershorts have been a huge success for both Men and Women. The shorts are comfortable and able to securely carry most self defense handguns for concealment. They are extremely functional because one does not have to wear a belt to safely carry a handgun. We've had a lot of requests for a "Front Carry" option so we've developed a new variation of one of our most popular items.  ** THIS IS RIGHT HAND DRAW ONLY! **

The Women's FRONT CARRY concealment shorts are made of the same 4-way stretch Poly/Lycra, super soft fabric used in our original shorts. They feature a holster in the front "Appendix" position with a retention strap. They also feature a zippered pocket on the back that can be used for credit cards, cash, keys, and other valuables. 

The Concealed Carry undershorts are intended for everyday wear with a concealed carry option. They are perfect for anyone who wants to discretely carry a self-defense handgun. If you're an executive who needs to carry, an emergency room doctor or nurse, delivery person, store owner, realtor....this is a perfect way to carry concealed. It's also perfect for those who workout, runners, walkers, bikers because you can carry securely without a big belt and holster and the zipper pocket will hold your keys, cash, and credit cards! 

Made in USA, Cotton/Spandex blend, machine washable.  
M..... 31" - 34" 
L..... 35" - 39" 
XL.... 40" - 43" 
XXL... 44" - 47" 

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