SportEAR XT4

$ 84.99 $ 99.99

Hear the game before it hears you!  Hear your hunting buddies, but only if you want.  You can block out their with a twist of a dial.  This muff has both a volume and frequency control allowing you to focus on just the sounds you want to hear.  Even at full volume, you can pull the trigger with confidence knowing that the sound blocker circuit kicks in above 85dB.

*SportEAR's BEST sound quality!
*Automatically shuts out sounds over 85dB
*25dB Noise Reduction Rating (NRR)
*Up to 8x Amplification
*Four directional mics to pinpoint sound
*Sleek cup for rifle stocks
*ON/OFF volume control
*Adjustable frequency knob
*Requires 2AAA batteries

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