NRA Personal Protection In the Home

$ 149.00

This eight (8) hour course is designed to teach law-abiding adult citizens more in-depth self defense mechanisms inside their own home in order to protect themselves and their families. It is important that the course be geared towards more mature persons with some life experience as well as basic firearm safety & handling techniques already instilled. The prerequisite is the ability to prove prior shooting skills (see below) as well as the ability to be able to assess different types of potentially dangerous situations and make mature decisions on how to handle.

Students will learn: Importance of using a firearm responsibly, mindset and mental awareness, understand and demonstrate defensive marksmanship & accuracy, differences between cover & concealment in and around your home, shooting positions beyond basic stances, State laws and the use of deadly force, strategies and responses to enhance personal safety at home and in public as well as life threatening encounters. You will also learn how to prepare for the aftermath of a violent confrontation and/or shooting as well as steps to protect your assets, family and income from the accusations and potential lawsuits to follow. Lastly, we will discuss choosing the best handgun and ammunition suited to your personal needs.

* An additional one (1) hour of shooting can be added for additional training exercises.

** Prerequisite: (one of the following) NRA FIRST Steps, NRA Basic Pistol, NRA Competitive Shooting Qualification Card, Military DD214 with pistol qualifications or by passing the Pre-Course Assessment - ($75 & scheduled as 1:1 before class with me at range)

*** Equipment for this course – Eye & Ear protection, your personal pistol and a minimum of 100 rounds of factory ammo (no reloads!). If you are doing the additional hour, bring 50 extra rounds of ammo. If you are renting a firearm & ammo, I will need to know in advance to secure caliber / ammo for usage. Helpful items highly recommended but not required – speed loader, extra magazines / ammo pouch, knee pads

**** Ask about a discount when you combine with Outside the Home!!

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