Men's Concealment Shorts by UnderTech UnderCover

$ 59.99

Modeled off our extremely popular Compression T-Shirt, the Undertech Undercover Compression Shorts Holster is truly the next generation of comfortable concealed carry. It's like not wearing a holster at all! So comfortable, so secure, and yet so concealed. The holsters are made from surgical grade elastic and are sewn into a pair of authentic compression shorts. They hold your gun securely, and the shorts can be worn with just about everything you own, gym shorts, sweat pants, jeans, dress pants, suit and tie. Works great with or without a belt. 

Features two identical holsters, one on each side, so that right handed individuals can wear a handgun on their right side and spare magazines, documents, handcuffs, etc. on their left. And, likewise for left handed individuals. 

Truly the most comfortable holster that I've ever worn and for those of you who must carry a handgun all day long....I know you'll appreciate the comfort and low profile of this concealment option. Will allow you to carry and conceal any self-defense handgun. 

Made in USA, Cotton/Spandex blend, machine washable. 
S..... 28" - 31" 
M..... 31" - 34" 
L..... 35" - 39" 
XL.... 40" - 43" 
XXL... 44" - 47" 
XXXL.. 48" - 51"

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