Lenny Magill's Clip Holster

$ 35.00

Calling all Glock owners!  Need a comfortable kydex belt / IWB holster?  

Here's another low cost, high value holster designed by Lenny Magill. It features a very sturdy and ergonomic clip that can easily attach to your belt to carry a handgun. The clip is what makes it so desirable because it can be attached and detached so quickly and easily.  If you are going to wear it this way on the belt - order the firing hand option (right handed order right handed).

Or, if you prefer, you can wear it as an IWB holster.

If you're right handed and want to wear it IWB - be sure to order the left hand version and vice versa for left handed shooters.

It's a simple, lightweight, yet extremely useful holster that will last for years.

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