Glock 42 & 43 Pyramid Trigger

$ 169.00

It's finally here!!!  I have been drooling over the Pyramid Triggers for the Glock but have been patiently biding my time until one came out on the .380 & the wait is over! 

Our uniquely identified gold trigger bar is coated with Titanium Nitride. This coating is extremely hard, and friction-free, which helps give the Pyramid Trigger a crisp, consistent, and even break… allowing you total control of your speed and accuracy.

And to make your Glock uniquely your own, you can choose from 45 different trigger/safety color combinations!

This is our basic kit which includes the complete Pyramid Trigger System assembly for a virtual “drop-in” installation and the installation manual.

PLEASE NOTE: This Item is for the Glock 42 .380 AUTO and NOW the G43 9MM Single Stack, and will not fit any other Glock Handguns.  *Limited color combinations available in Orange, Green & Blood Red.

Order is over $100 so FREE Shipping!

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