About The Princess...

"Being a princess doesn't mean relying on a knight in shining armor for your protection!  Take the time to learn safe gun handling & firearm safety to empower yourself!  You just might surprise yourself with what you are capable of doing."

My grandpa & dad both taught me at an early age to take care of myself and empowered me with much knowledge on firearm safety, reloading and survival skills.  Being a kid in the suburbs, it wasn't that rough.  As I got older, other challenges presented itself so I decided to conceal carry at a very early age (in my 20's).  It's just recently become more of a passion to become an instructor and share the excitement and joy I feel most days about my Freedom to carry a firearm and be able to protect myself and my family if the need ever arises.

I currently teach NRA Basic Pistol, Personal Protection Inside & Outside the Home and Concealed Carry classes for Nevada, Utah, Florida & a few counties in California that are Pro 2nd Amendment.


I personally guarantee you that you will find a whole new strength and outlook that will improve your self esteem, your gun handling skills and your life.  I also offer fun apparel and range gear that is made specifically for women.  Holsters that work with your curves so that you can still look feminine and trendy while having protection.  While I have some fun stuff for your 'Prince' as well, this is all about you ladies!  I hope I meet and exceed your expectations for the fun factor!!



Michelle Lambeth
Founder - Princess With a Gun

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