Falcon Grips for Glocks

$ 9.99

Now available in four distinct textures - Mild, Medium and Spicy Hot, and our new Rubber (Only available in Black at this time)!

The foundation of shooting fast and accurate shots starts with your grip. If you have a good grip on your handgun, you can then shoot faster and more accurately.

The Falcon Grips designed to give you a better grip on your Glock. They are the best of the best: superior materials, excellent fit and function.
The one-piece design allows full and effective coverage of your Glock handgun. This gives you more control of your firearm and enables you to reduce muzzle flip and increase your speeds from shot to shot.

The Falcon Grips gives the shooter the ability to maintain a consistent grip in wet and humid conditions or even if the hands are slippery or greasy. You will shoot more accurately and faster and more consistent with the Falcon Grips.

Mild: Easy on the hands yet tacky enough to make a big difference. (perfect for self-defense, personal protection, target shooting, concealed carry)

Medium: More texture to give a more aggressive grip. (perfect for competition shooters, law enforcement, operators)

Spicy Hot: 3M material, superior bonding to the firearm, super aggressive texture. (A very aggressive grip texture, perfect for use with gloves or for those in adverse conditions)

Lady Falcon Grip: By popular demand, available in Pink to dress up your gun. Mild on the hands yet tacky enough to give you the grip you need for faster, more aggressive shooting.

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