NRA Personal Protection Outside the Home

$ 195.00

This is a great add-on after you complete "Inside the Home" as you get nine (9) hours of the Basic or Level 1 course and an addition five (5) hours of the Advanced or Level 2 can be added on later or taken consecutive dates for an even more expanded knowledge of new shooting techniques and master.

The Basic or Level 1 nine (9) hour course consists of: Essential knowledge and skills that must be mastered to carry, store and safely use a firearm. This will include: Concealed carrying and defensive mindset along with self defense while carrying, legal aspects of self-defense and concealed carry, various methods & accessories for concealed carry, presenting from a holster, from concealment and while moving and in different positions.

The Advanced or Level 2 five (5) hour course will cover all of the shooting drills needed to complete the course and is spent on the range. This will include: Special shooting techniques such as moving to & from concealment, shooting around concealment and positions along with clearing stoppages, speed reloading and presenting firearm from various concealment options.


* Prerequisite: (one of the following) NRA FIRST Steps, NRA Basic Pistol, NRA Competitive Shooting Qualification Card, Military DD214 with pistol qualifications or by passing the Pre-Course Assessment – ($75 & scheduled as 1:1 before class with me at range) as well as NRA Personal Protection Inside the Home.

** Equipment for this course – Eye & Ear protection, your personal pistol and a minimum of 100 rounds of factory ammo (no reloads!). If you are doing the additional hour, bring 50 extra rounds of ammo. If you are renting a firearm & ammo, I will need to know in advance to secure caliber / ammo for usage. Helpful items highly recommended but not required – speed loader, extra magazines / ammo pouch, knee pads

*** Level 1 Only - Persons wishing to only take the nine (9) hour class time skills ask about discounted pricing.

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